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Nicole Weber

Nicole Weber

Manager System Reform and Rostering

One of my most meaningful experiences in FACS has been in a strengths-based coaching project. This project allowed me to work with over 50 staff members in identifying and tailoring their skills – by first engaging them in an online tool and then working one-on-one or in their team to help in the development and application of their skills. I have been encouraged by the belief and support in the program given by my Manager and Director and also by MCT and Jim Longley – this proves that there is enthusiasm for staff development at all levels of the organisation.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for the diversity of roles I have carried out in the five years I have been here. I have worked in the frontline as a manager of a Community Access team, Central Office ADHC as both a Senior Policy Officer and a Senior Project Officer, in a FACS secondment in procurement and now as Acting Manager in System Reform and Rostering.

I see all the roles I have performed up to this point, including the more challenging ones, to have been crucial in preparing me for the upcoming step in my life and career – next, I’m moving on to work in an NGO in an NDIS implementation role! I’m looking forward to the future and the opportunities that await.

I will miss working with people who have a deep knowledge of and connection to disability support. I believe the legacy of ADHC will be in the implementation of best practice and the incredible capacity of the organisation to support people with disability. These will only carry on, to strengthen and enrich the non-government sector. I believe the NDIS will ultimately provide the framework to support people with disability to live the best lives possible for them.

Lastly, I have been lucky to have had great mentors as managers. In particular many brilliant women have mentored and encouraged me to take roles that I may not have believed myself capable of without their support.

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