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I joined ADHC as a Behaviour Support Clinician, not really knowing what I would be doing in the real world! But with a really supportive management and senior as support I was able to learn my role, develop skills, and accumulate experiences that have been invaluable through my career.
I really think management and senior support offered in ADHC were essential, and I hope that these items are embedded in the support of clinicians in the NDIS world.

Daniel Salvatorie

Daniel Salvatorie

Behaviour Support Specialist

During my time at ADHC I've had the opportunity to support a number of people with complex support needs; if our support was not available they would be at serious risk and, in particular, not be able to set and achieve goals.

I can recall a young lady who displayed very challenging behaviour which significantly impacted on her life; she was unable to access the community and her behaviour deterred her family from interacting with her due past history. After intensive support provided by a number of stakeholders she was able to develop positive relationships and minimise her negative behaviour. As a result, her family began to increase their interaction with her and over time was able to have her back at home for weekend visits.

The service would not have been able to improve without a flexible approach and joint responses by supports such as behaviour support, case work and Accommodation supports. She is now in supported employment and has established goals to have a holiday overseas; without the work we did, these are things she thought would never happen in her life.

Daniel Salvatorie

Michelle McMahon

Office Manager

During my 18 years in ADHC I have worked in a number of roles from admin assistant at Stockton Hospital, Office Manager Hunter Regional Office, to Intake officer and Accommodation Project support officer, looking at vacancies and client matching in group homes.

ADHC Newcastle Office was a wonderful place to work, filled with amazing people who are passionate about helping and supporting the vulnerable people that we work with. Being the NDIS trial site, Newcastle has watched our clients move to the NDIS earlier than the rest of the state.

Being on the ADHC roller coaster has not been fun over the past 3 years, with everyone unsure of where their future lies but there is life after ADHC. I have recently been lucky enough to be successful in an ongoing role within Community Services as a Service Support Manager.

I will never forget my ADHC family and hope all their dreams come true. I am sad to see the journey end, but positive about the opportunities for people with a disability

Renee Murphy

Renee Murphy

A/Manager Access

My future is not certain but that’s okay because we have many options. I am fortunate enough to be able trial a sea change, accepting a temporary role at ADHC Far North Coast.

I am looking forward to meeting another professional goal as a Grade 4 OT and having a lifestyle change with my daughters. I couldn’t do this without the support of my colleagues, managers and director at Western Sydney District. I am going to miss this office but look forward to a new adventure!

Ricky Chan

Rashne D'Mello

A/Coordinator Accommodation & Respite

I’ve been heavily involved in the devolution of Metro Residences which is incredibly challenging and rewarding in equal measures. As team leader, I’ve worked very closely with my team to ensure that clients and their families have the best possible experience during this time of significant change.

My most memorable moment was seeing the efforts of my team pay-off when they supported a male client settle into the community. Prior to his move, his family were extremely opposed to the idea and felt he would be more vulnerable in the community. My team put in much effort to provide him with better opportunities to make choices in his everyday life as well as enabling him to play an active part in developing his routine. After seeing how this improved his quality of life, his had a huge shift in their view; they couldn't have been happier with how much the move positively impacted his life.

Perhaps the most moving moment came when I heard his mother was incredibly happy knowing her son’s future was in good hands before she passed away. As an added bonus, my team and I were formally congratulated by our Director Disability and also received two rewards from the District for our work – one for customer and client service and the other for leadership.

Daniel Salvatorie

Maria Butel

Behaviour Support Specialist

I have valued the opportunity to work collaboratively with other disciplines to meet the complex needs of individuals and families.

The support and knowledge provided by other allied health disciplines has helped us adopt a holistic approach to service provision, get quicker resolutions to complex problems, and most importantly, fill gaps to better meet the needs of clients and families. I recall a time when I worked closely with an Occupational Therapist to meet the behavioural and sensory needs of a young girl. We were so fortunate to have had the resources we needed and a mother who was very willing to be included in the development and implementation of the program. Her daughter ended up getting the sensory input she needed throughout the day to feel calm, she started sleeping throughout the night and her challenging behaviours declined significantly.

Working so closely with a multitude of professionals has contributed to my own professional development, and this approach has been of great benefit to clients and their families.

Carolyn Dmello

Carolyn Dmello

Service Support Development Officer

I’ve been with the Department for the past 20 years and it’s made me the person I am today – a passionate advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and facilitating the building of inclusive communities for people with disabilities and their families.



I am celebrating with my colleagues the recent transfer of the Home Care Service of NSW to Australian Unity.

I played a small part in the Service Development Program (SDP) team that enabled this reform milestone to happen. Simply put, I manage most of the departmental and ministerial correspondence in the SDP team and my prime responsibility is to ensure the all matters are prepared to the level needed for the Executive Director’s endorsement. I have successfully done this through a high volume period associated with the transfer process.

I have been in the sector for 27 years and I am totally committed to the disability and aged care reforms that empower people to have choice and control over they supports they need. I will miss the talented and committed colleagues I work with at Ageing, Disability and Home Care who work tirelessly to make these reforms a reality.

Amynah Kabani

Amynah Kabani

A/Project Officer

During my years with ADHC and now FACS, I have had the opportunity to work with staff and clients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and within different units of the organisation. One of the things that I would like to share is that no matter where I was located within the organisation, the support and assistance that was provided to me by my co workers have always been a positive one. I am fortunate to have been working in wonderful teams and with individuals who have high regard to work and have a great sense of humour. It made coming to work more lively and enjoyable. Assisting our clients and to witness the positive contribution I have made in their lives, gave me personal and spiritual happiness.

Claire Lin

Christopher Christie

Administration Officer

I started my journey way back in May 2005 in the Deputy Director General's Unit at Clarence Street in an Administration role. At that time I worked with Carolyn Burlew, Brenda, Jenny Wilson and a host of others.

My Favourite moments would have to be assisting and helping out the Events team at the Premiers and Seniors Week Gala Concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. I also helped out at the Royal Easter Show - searching for the lost seniors that would decide to go for a walk around the venue and meeting some of the cast from the different concerts.

What I will miss most is all the people that I have worked with and have helped me on this amazing journey.

I'm not sure where my future lies so I will keep on following the yellow brick road and see where that takes me.

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