NDIA First Offer - Staff moving to the NDIA

Since late October 2016, the NDIA has been making offers of ongoing employment to those FACS staff found suitable primarily for Phase 2 locations.

This process is now almost complete, with some key exceptions, for example in border communities such as Albury and Robina, where time frames need to align with neighbouring states and commonwealth plans to bring the shared sites online. There are also some instances where negotiations are ongoing and as such, some final offers have also not yet been able to be made.

Specifically with reference to the Albury and Robina sites, the NDIA has advised that:

For applicants that have been found suitable, they will initially be placed on an Order of Merit list. For Albury, the NDIA expects that the First Offer process for Victoria to be completed by May/June 2017. For Robina, the First Offer process is expected to be completed by late 2017/early 2018. Offers will be made to NSW applicants at the same time as the other jurisdictions.

In NSW the emphasis will now increasingly shift to drawing on merit lists, for filling vacancies in both phase 1 and phase 2 locations as they arise.

By now, all First Offer applicants should have received advice as to the outcome of their application, and how also to access feedback regarding their application and the assessment centre processes.

If you have not been advised of your application’s outcome, please contact the NDIA on 1300 138 337.


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