Employment Pathways

Information and updates about the different employment pathways for FACS staff impacted by the disability reforms.

We don’t know all the details about the employment pathways yet, but the Working Together website is updated on a regular basis as new information become available.

For those FACS staff working in disability services, Working Together has developed an animated video to provide you with an overview of your future employment pathways and how the transition to the NDIS and transfer of disability services will affect you. We have also developed some case studies to support your understanding of the employment pathways.

This video brings together all the separate pieces of information about employment pathways, to give you an overview of how these processes fit together. View the video and case studies here

We know that from July 2018, the NSW government will no longer provide specialist disability services. The Government has agreed on the future employment pathways for staff impacted by the changes. Your pathway will be determined by the process agreed on by the Government. These are:

On 15 December 2015, Michael Coutts-Trotter, FACS Secretary, emailed FACS staff to inform them about the NDIS and employment pathways for FACS disability staff. You can read the full email here.

You can also find answers to staff questions about employment pathways in the FAQs section of this website.

You can view the FACS disability roles that were:

Changes to GSE Act

A new Premier’s Memorandum and Government Sector Employment Amendment (Transfer to Non-Government Sector) Regulation 2016 has been released.

The Memo sets out that where comparable employment is offered to an employee in the Government or non-Government sector, redundancy is not payable.

It is important to know the NDIS workforce mobility pathway for FACS staff impacted by the disability reform is a unique arrangement arising from NDIS implementation in NSW.

Transfers of staff to new operators under the NDIS Enabling Act will not be affected by this Regulation and Memo.

The Memo supports the NDIS workforce mobility pathway by emphasising the importance of finding roles and retaining valued capability and expertise within the sector.

How mobility works in practice is the subject of work currently being done by INS Career Management.

Entitlements for the FACS staff impacted by disability reforms who transfer to non-government operators, which are the same as those successfully applied to the 4,100 staff that have already transferred from Home Care to Australian Unity, remain unchanged.


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