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This section provides you with information and updates about employment pathways for FACS disability staff

Disability staff employment pathways video – March 2016
This video gives you an overview of your employment pathways as NSW transitions to the NDIS. Watch the video here.
OneFACS pathways
FACS is giving eligible ADHC Central Office employees the opportunity to apply and be considered for around 60 ongoing roles in Phase 4 of the OneFACS program, before external applicants are considered for these roles. Read more about this opportunity here.
FACS disability staff employment pathways
On 15 December 2015, Michael Coutts-Trotter, Secretary, NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) emailed FACS staff to inform them about the NDIS and employment pathways for FACS disability staff.
You can read the full email here.
The Government has agreed on the future employment pathways for staff affected by the NSW Government no longer providing specialist disability services after July 2018. They include:
  • Transfer within the Disability Sector – a transfer to a new non-government operator as a part of the Government’s transfer of services.
  •  A new mobility pathway to move to other roles within the NSW Government using the key principles of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.
  • First offer of employment into jobs created by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in NSW.
Details of the transfer conditions for FACS staff who transfer to a non-government operator were provided in November 2015. The staff likely to transfer include those who work directly with people with disability or support those who do.
You can access the information provided to staff on the transfer as well as responses to the most commonly asked questions on this page.

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