Leading our teams through change – Tools for all managers and leaders

Leading in times of significant change can be tough. Not only do we as leaders need to understand what the changes mean for us, but we also need to support our teams understand the change and work through what the impact will be for them.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the greatest changes to Australian society in a generation. It provides greater opportunities for choice and control for people with disability.

 There is no doubt about the size and scope of the change and the way it transforms the way we work with people with a disability.

As managers and leaders, we have two important roles:

  1. facilitate the change for more person centred, individualised supports for people with a disability and
  2. help our teams understand the reasons for the change, adapt to it, and provide ways to contribute to the process.

Understandably, change can make people uncomfortable. As a manager, it’s especially important for us to talk with and understand how people in our teams are feeling as change proceeds. We need to be able to guide our teams through change so that they can adapt and contribute to it.

The tools below can assist us as leaders and managers to support our teams as we transition to the NDIS over the coming years. They provide practical support, information and guidance to use at a time that is right for you and your teams.


Share this guide with your team to help them understand the historical context of the NDIS.

Share this guide with your team to help them think about their skills in the future NGO sector.

The manager’s guide for Working Together will give you some useful tips and tools to encourage, strengthen and vary communication with your staff.’

Use this simple team activity to think about behaviours and attitudes in the workplace, and to gain commitment to positive behaviours through times of change.

Use this tool to identify resistance and support our team to overcome challenges and reinforce positive behaviours to prepare our teams for change.

Creating a person centred culture within teams

This checklist, action plan and action plan summary allows team leaders and managers to check progress and develop an action plan for creating a person centred team culture.

The checklist supports us to understand where our teams are at and what areas we may choose to prioritise and focus on to help our team to develop a more person centred team culture. It will help identify what we are doing well and what requires improvement.

These opportunities can then be put into a prioritised action plan and action plan summary.

Use this article to understand more about why people are resistant to change, how this resistance is valuable feedback and how we can use this feedback to implement change effectively.

Use this tool to define any changes being experienced and clearly articulate their impact on our practice and workplace experiences.

FACS Performance Development Program


Use the tools and information as part of the FACS Performance Development Program (available on the FACS intranet) to have meaningful, two-way discussions about performance, development and career aspirations with our teams. There are a range of tools that can assist including information on:

Harvard ManageMentor


For all Grade 11/12s and above, the Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) is an interactive and easily accessible online leadership development toolkit. It provides timely and practical learning across various mediums – the right training just when you need it. The 39 topics enable you to select learning activities relevant to your development plan, interest or needs.

HMM provides practical tools that can support you to prepare for the changes ahead. It can help you to build on your current skills and experience, and increase personal confidence.

You choose the topics and way in which you develop a desired capability. For example, within the Change Management topic you can view the full topic over 1-2 hours of self-paced learning, choose to hone in a specific task such as preparing for change, listen to a short audio clip, read an article, watch an informative video or alternatively download and print one of the tool templates.

You can also share and start using these templates straight away with your team or peers.

You are encouraged to login, have a look around and start familiarising yourself with this valuable tool.

You can access the tool by clicking on this link: http://facs.loginmentor.com/mentor

All staff Grade 11/12 and above, have recently received a welcome email with login details to access the site. If you have trouble logging in (i.e. lost your welcome email or password), contact Organisational.Development@facs.nsw.gov.au

Use this worksheet to track how motivated our team seems to be and to consider how well we are using available strategies to keep them motivated. Then complete the checklist below to make sure we are on track.

Use this information and activity to help guide our teams through periods of change, including tranistion to the delivery of more person centred, tailored supports under the NDIS.

Use this tip sheet to better understand the steps you can take to support your teamwork through change, including addressing the emotional impact of change on your team.

Use this article to read more about building engagement and reflect on how to apply it in our teams

Use this information guide and activity to understand more about what motivates our team and what we can do to enhance our employees’ motivation particularly during times of change.  

Use this worksheet to get to know what motivates each of our team members and what we can each do to boost engagement.

Use this tool to understand five key elements in strong and successful teams and assess our own team’s strengths and developement areas to build a positive culture during times of change.

Use this activity as a team building exercise to take stock of the achievements of our teams. It can also assist us to get to know each other better as a team.


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