Roles likely to transfer to a non government provider

The information contained in the fact sheets below were provided to staff in briefing sessions during October 2016.

The purpose of these documents is to share with staff information given to potential providers in the Expression of Interest (EOI) for the transfer of disability services. This information was to allow potential providers to understand how FACS delivers disability services as well as give feedback about the services that interest them, their capability and capacity to deliver those services, and how they propose to deliver those services.

These fact sheets contain an overview of the roles included in the EOI in each district and ADHC Central Office. The information in these fact sheets are based on role title information from the SAP HR system (as at March 2016) and may be different from the way you refer to roles in your area.

If a role has been included in the transfer process, it does not mean it will necessarily transfer. It is important to keep in mind that whether a role will end up transferring has not yet been finalised. This information will become available once the transfer process is complete.

View the roles included in the EOI for the transfer of disability services for:


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