Temporary employment opportunities with the National Disability Insurance Agency  in the Nepean Blue Mountains area

In June 2015, FACS disability staff had the first opportunity to apply for temporary employment opportunities with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in the Nepean Blue Mountains (NBM) area before they were advertised externally.
This was the result of the Workforce Arrangements that were developed jointly between ADHC and the NDIA.
To assist with this process, the NDIA prepared a short video clip explaining the roles that were being advertised at that time for the NBM area.
In the video Pam Steele-Wareham, Regional Director for Nepean and Blue Mountains, NDIA explained the roles and the type of activities undertaken. You may find this information useful to find out more about these roles in conjunction with the role descriptions.
You may need to use headphones to access the sound on this video.
A number of staff from a range of districts and central office directorates were successful in gaining employment with the Agency to work in Nepean Blue Mountains. They will be performing a range of roles including Plan Support Coordinators, Engagement Officer and Business Support roles.
There will be additional rounds of recruitment as new positions become available with the agency. FACS staff will be notified of these opportunities as they arise.

FACS Disability Staff interested in future opportunities with the NDIA are encouraged to look at:

  • Check the FACS intranet for information on temporary assignments under Section 66 of the Government Sector Employment Act (GSE Act) 2013 - Temporary Assignment to Other Relevant Bodies Policy and Procedures
  • Career Assist Information Sheet outlines support available to assist with resume writing and interview skills.
  • The video (above) regarding the NDIA Plan Support Coordinator and Business Support Officer roles.
  • Keep an eye on the NDIS website or the FACS job board for other opportunities

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