Home Care Transfer Agreement

From 1 August 2016, FACS disability staff will have an additional opportunity to apply for First Offer roles.

The NDIA First Offer Portal will open for another two weeks from Monday 1 August to Sunday 14 August 2016 so more FACS staff can register for First Offer roles.

First Offer – where to start
The first thing you need to do is to find out if you are eligible to apply for First Offer roles.

If you’re not eligible don’t proceed any further.

First Offer – next steps
Once you know you’re eligible, you’ll want to know about the First Offer recruitment process including:
  • How the Phase 2 recruitment process will work
  • What you need to know if you applied for Phase 2 locations in January 2016
  • What roles are being offered and where they’re located
  • Long term temporary arrangements
  • When everything will happen
  • How you’ll be assessed

Other useful information

If you have any other questions, please email Working Together workingtogether@facs.nsw.gov.au or Aboriginal staff can email AboriginalWT@facs.nsw.gov.au

Update on transfer employment conditions for all Home Care staff

ADHC and the unions representing Home Care staff have been working to determine the conditions that will apply when staff move to the new non-government operator of Home Care.  United Voice, the union representing care workers, has reached an agreement with the Government on these conditions. The Public Service Association (PSA), the union representing Home Care administration staff, has not.

In the absence of an agreement with the PSA, the Government has decided that the same agreement will apply to all Home Care staff including; administration workers, care workers and FACS employees dedicated to supporting Home Care - who are transferring to the non-government sector. This agreement covers several key areas including a transfer payment, employment guarantee, and how entitlements will transfer.

For further information please download the Frequently Asked Questions - Update July 2015 document and look at (the FAQ section of our website - please make a hyperlink which will take users to the FAQ page in the HC section) which is updated regularly.

If you have any questions please email workingtogether@facs.nsw.gov.au or AboriginalWT@facs.nsw.gov.au or speak with your Service Coordinator or Branch Manager.


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