Home Care Transfer Agreement

Who is the new operator?

The NSW Government has announced that the new operator of Home Care is Australian Unity.

It was a highly competitive and extensive process to find an organisation that was best suited to support Home Care staff in continuing to deliver high quality services to Home Care clients.

Australian Unity is experienced in delivering high quality services to a wide variety of clients, CALD and Aboriginal, older people and people with disability.

Australian Unity is a mutual company. According to Australian Unity, mutual companies differ from other organisations in that they are formed by members for the benefit of members. Unlike a company with shareholders, mutual companies do not pay dividends, but reinvest profits back into the business of the company. As a mutual, Australian Unity focuses on the long term and acts in the best interests of members, customers and employees.

You can view the media release from Australian Unity by clicking here.

How and when will Home Care transfer to Australian Unity?

Home Care will transfer as a whole to Australian Unity by early 2016.

This means that staff that work in Home Care and those FACS staff who are fully dedicated to supporting Home Care will transfer to the new operator, as well as all clients and services that are supported by Home Care.

How will staff and clients be notified about who the new operator is?

The Treasurer and Minister for Disability Services have broadcast the announcement through a media release. You can view this by clicking here.

Home Care Staff

All Home Care staff will be sent an email to tell them about who the new operator is.

Staff can also listen to a voicemail message from Minister Ajaka about the Home Care announcement by phoning 9716 3494.

Home Care clients

All Home Care clients will be sent a letter to their postal address and information will be placed on the FACS internet. They will also receive a pamphlet handed out by Care Workers to let them know about the new operator and next steps.

What are the next steps?

You may have a lot of questions about what happens next. We don’t know all the answers as yet but are working through how the transfer will work with the new operator.

We are thinking about many different scenarios and options and have dedicated staff working out how:

  • we utilise locations that are shared site offices with the new operator
  • do we use joint meeting rooms and printers
  • we communicate with our clients throughout this process
  • we rebrand certain items and whether we will rebrand at all
  • various legal completion activities are transferred e.g. leases, motor vehicles etc.
  • IT changes will be made such as: email addresses, telephone numbers
  • CIS and our systems will be supported

These are just a few that come to mind, many more details are being looked at as there is a lot involved in a transfer of this size.

The successful transfer of Home Care will cause minimal disruption for staff. For all Home Care clients, it will remain business as usual.

You are supported:

It’s important that you feel supported throughout this process. Please speak to your Managers or send us an email at workingtogether@facs.nsw.gov.au or our Aboriginal staff can also email AboriginalWT@facs.nsw.gov.au.

There is a number for Home Care staff to call if your questions have not been answered by your managers, please call 1800 326 989 (free call number).

We will continue to provide updates through dev-working-together.pantheonsite.io so it may be useful check the site regularly. Information will also be available on our FACS website and the ADHC intranet.

Please also remember we have the Employee Assistance Program available to you on 1300 687 327 or see their website link: www.convergeinternational.com.au/


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