Meetings held with Home Care Unions

May 20th, 2015

Message from ADHC Deputy Chief Executive, Alastair Hunter

I’m pleased to update you on the progress we’re making to move Home Care to a non-government operator.

Our aim is to ensure the long term sustainability of Home Care, and to maintain continuity of care for Home Care staff and clients.

Last week we had initial meetings with Unions NSW and the two major unions representing the Home Care workforce, United Voice and the Public Service Association. We agreed to collectively meet several times during October to discuss details of how staff will transfer to the new operator.

Yesterday we held the first of those meetings. It was a productive and positive meeting, where we were able to agree on a number of principles that we all believe should be applied to the transfer. These include:

  • our clear preference to preserve Home Care as a whole, ongoing entity, with services delivered by a single operator
  • that continuity of care for clients and the continued provision of a high quality service is vitally important that it is equally important for staff to have certainty around the conditions that will apply when they transfer, and also the conditions that will apply when they work for the new operator
  • that we should finalise these conditions as soon as possible, in order to prepare for the transfer to occur next year

We’ve also agreed on the key issues that need to be progressed, and the order in which we’ll try to tackle them. Some of these are already covered in part by the NSW Enabling Legislation, but we’ll be covering in more detail the way leave entitlements will be preserved, ensuring people can maintain their present superannuation arrangements, and guaranteeing continuity of employment.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 8 October. I’ll provide another update for Home Care staff shortly after it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please speak to your manager, or email

Regards, Alastair
Alastair Hunter
Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery


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