Update on the transfer of Home Care

May 25, 2015

transfer of home careThe NSW Government is in the process of identifying a potential new operator to take on Home Care.
In February the Expression of Interest (EOI) phase was completed. In this phase organisations who would like to take on Home Care were asked to complete an EOI outlining their interest and credentials.

Eligible organisations were then shortlisted. These shortlisted organisations have now been invited to participate in the final phase of the transfer process.

All final proposals will need to be carefully evaluated to ensure the requirements of the Government, especially in relation to client service, can and will be met.

This will allow the Government to identify the most suitable party to operate Home Care for the future. At this point in time, it is expected that a new operator will be selected in the coming months.
Once a new operator has been selected, a contract has been signed, a date for transfer has been set and the activities to ensure a smooth transition has been agreed, Home Care will be ready to be transferred.

The intention is for Home Care’s staff and its ageing and disability funding arrangements to transfer to the new operator. This will ensure minimal disruption for clients.

No preferred service provider for Home Care has been identified at this time.

Employment conditions for Home Care staff who are transferring

The NSW Government has made an offer to United Voice and the Public Service Association (PSA) regarding the employment conditions that will apply to Home Care staff transferring to the non-government sector.

  • For Home Care administration staff, to date, the PSA has not yet accepted that offer and staff will be updated on any progress.
  • For Home Care workers, that offer has been accepred by United Voice. The Secretary has signed the Heads of Agreement and care workers will recieve a formal letter. A copy of the letter and Heads of Agreement can be found on the Working Together website.

A summary of the employment conditions offered by the NSW Government is available on the Working Together website.

Where to go for questions:

If staff have any questions, please speak to your manager or send your enquiry to workingtogether@facs.nsw.gov.au  and our Aboriginal staff can also email AboriginalWT@facs.nsw.gov.au.



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