TOOLS FOR MANAGERS     Tools for Managers

Information, tools and ideas to help Managers support their staff.

Talking to staff

Communicating in stressful situations – A tip sheet with basic strategies on how to communicate with your staff in stressful situations.

NDIS rollout: information for managers – 2016 – A fact sheet containing some points to help you talk to your staff about the NDIS rollout in NSW scheduled for 2016.

NDIS rollout: information for managers – 2017 – A fact sheet containing some points to help you talk to your staff about the NDIS rollout in NSW scheduled for 2017.

The Working Together managers guide series – A series of tip sheets to give you some useful tips and tools to encourage, strengthen and vary communication with your staff.

Managers pack – talking to Home Care staff – For Home Care managers, this pack will help you talk to your staff about the transfer of Home Care, including Aboriginal Home Care, to Australian Unity in early 2016.

NDIS and NSW disability reforms – Share this guide with your team to help them understand the historical context of the NDIS.

Supporting people with complex needs – this fact sheet talks about how people with complex needs will be supported under the NDIS.

Large Residential Centres and Specialist Supported Living (LRCSSL) – this fact sheet talks about how LRCSSL staff are implementing important projects, reforms and initiatives to support people with disability to prepare for and realise the promise of a better life.

Community Support Teams – this fact sheet talks about how CSTs can support staff in the lead up to the NDIS.

Capacity building for people with disability – this fact sheet talks about capacity building for people with disability in the lead up to the NDIS.

Motivating staff

Motivating your team – Some tips and tools about motivating your team.

Worksheet for keeping people motivated – A worksheet to complete regularly to track your team’s motivation and consider the strategies you are using to keep them motivated.

Staff engagement activity sheet – A personal engagement plan between you and your staff.

Providing career assistance

Assisting employees through the job application process – A tip sheet to help you have discussions with your staff about their career aspirations, and assist them build awareness of their skills, abilities and achievements.

Career planning discussion – manager’s guide – A tip sheet to use when discussing your employee’s responses to the employee career planning tool.

Employee career planning tool – A guide to assist your staff reflect on their careers.

Careers in the NGO sector – Share this guide with your team to help them think about their skills in the future NGO sector.

Supporting your team through change

Leading change with FACS disability teams – Use this information and activity to help guide your team through periods of change, including the transition to delivering more person centred, tailored supports under the NDIS.

Managing people through organisational change – A tip sheet is to help you better understand how you can support your team work through change; it includes how to address the emotional impacts change can have.

Decoding resistance to change – An article to help you understand more about why people are resistant to change, how this resistance is valuable feedback and how we can use this feedback to implement change effectively.

What makes a strong team during change? – This this tool outlines five key elements in strong and successful teams. It also provides some tools to assess your team’s strengths and development areas to build a positive culture during times of change.

Defining change worksheet – This tool can be used to recognise changes in a team and talk about the effect they may have.

Behaviours at work – A tool to help you identify resistance, support your team and reinforce positive behaviours.

Team building

Team CV – This activity is ideal for team building. It lets everyone contribute to developing a CV for their team.

Above and below the line – Use this tool to help your team think about positive and negative behaviours and attitudes in the workplace.

Leadership tips & tools

Effective coaching – manager – 4 steps for effective coaching.

FACS Performance Development Program – Use the tools and information part of the FACS Performance Development Program (available on the FACS intranet) to have meaningful, two-way discussions about performance, development and career aspirations with your team.


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