Ready and Confident e-learning module

Ready and Confident is an online tool to help staff prepare before applying for jobs in the Public and Non-Government sectors.

What topics are covered in the module? 

In the Ready and Confident module you will learn about:

  • The Public Sector Capability Framework and role descriptions
  • The NGO sector, CareCareers and the National Disability Services (NDS) Capability Framework
  • Applying for roles, including preparing a cover letter, writing a resume and addressing key capabilities
  • The selection and assessment process, including preparing for interviews.

How long does it take to complete? 

The module allows you to set your own pace, and to pause and complete activities when you are ready. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete without breaks.  

How can I access the module? 

If you have an active FACS email, you can access the module by clicking here. You will need to log in to the FACS Online Learning Portal using your existing learning account, or set up a new account. Instructions for setting up a new account are available on the login page.

If you are redirected to the Online Learning Portal home page when you log in, you can navigate to the module by clicking ‘View Catalogue’, then selecting ‘Soft Skills Development’, and then selecting ‘Ready and Confident’.

To access this e-learning module you will need to login to IGNITE and search for Ready and Confident under the list of courses.

If you do not have an active FACS email and would like to access the module, please email Working Together at and we will provide you with alternative access.


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