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Resources to help you plan your career in the NSW Public Sector

Considering retirement? – a fact sheet for people who are thinking about retiring.

The NSW Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act 2013) – provides the framework for NSW Government sector employment and workforce management. All NSW Government jobs are advertised, and staff hired, in line with this Act.

A quick guide to applying for a job under the GSE Act 2013 – The GSE Act 2013 makes applying for a job in the NSW Public Sector easier. This guide summarises the steps for applying for a role under this Act.

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework sets out the skills, knowledge and abilities relevant to NSW public sector staff. The framework gives us a common language to help staff know what is expected of them.

iworkfor.nsw.gov.au – this website is your starting point for finding a career with the NSW Government. It allows you to search and apply for a diverse range of roles across the entire NSW Government sector. You can set up job alerts which notify you when a job matching your interests is advertised.


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