March 2017 Newsletter 

March 2017

What is Step Down?

The ADHC Central Office (CO) Step Down Program includes all activities required to conclude, handover, or archive ADHC CO responsibilities. This includes relationships, workforce, physical and electronic information and records, and physical assets. Read More

A message from your Deputy Secretary

Dear colleagues

The Step Down is an important piece of work that affects all of us here at ADHC Central Office. For this reason, it is vital that staff are kept informed on all major Step Down related developments. The Step Down newsletter will provide an opportunity to ensure that staff are well supported throughout this period and also to celebrate the valuable work happening in ADHC Central Office. The Step Down newsletter aims to be a mechanism to ensure staff have regular access to information but also to provide their ideas and suggestions. To ensure the newsletter meets your needs, please provide feedback on the types of information and stories you would like to see. Please send your suggestions

As always, I appreciate your ongoing commitment.

Jim Longley
Deputy Secretary

Draft ADHC Central Office Step Down Change Management Plan

Have your say on the draft Change Management Plan (CMP) for ADHC Central Office Step Down. The CMP provides all non-Executive employees (i.e. Grade 11/12 and below) in scope for the Mobility Pathway with information about how their roles will be impacted by the step down and what this will mean for how they enter the Mobility Pathway. The CMP is now open for consultation. Over 100 staff have attended the briefing sessions. Feedback from staff can be submitted up to COB Wednesday 22 March. Read More


ADHC Leadership Forum

The ADHC Leadership Forum, initiated by the Deputy Secretary, is a new avenue for ADHC Central Office Managers, Directors and the Executive team to share information and workshop ideas to leverage opportunities and implement solutions to challenges as we navigate through Step Down. Leaders are supported to relay key messages back to team members so that all staff are kept well informed. Staff will also be asked to provide input on key issues so that Managers can relay this information to the wider leadership group at the Forums. Forums will be held every three months. Please speak to your Manager or Director if you'd like to find out more.


February ADHC Leadership Forum

At the February ADHC Leadership Forum, leaders used a real-time feedback website to share the key values guiding their team's practice. Leaders also received updates about Step Down and the Mobility Pathway as well as hearing from guest speaker Margaret Crawford, Auditor-General of NSW, reflect on her career and role as a leader.  One of the outcomes from the Forum is an additional standing agenda item for the fortnightly ADHC Executive meetings to ensure teams have a mechanism to raise any issues they are experiencing.  To support this, the Deputy Secretary will also meet individually with Directors twice yearly to provide an avenue for them to reflect on the work they are doing and leading.


Upcoming dates

CMP consultation closes 
Wednesday 22 March 2017

ADHC Leadership Forum
Thursday 4 May 2017
9.00am - 12.30pm

Celebrate our achievements

As we Step Down it's important that we celebrate our many achievements. Please share your staff and team achievements with Strategic Reform. Examples of stories we'd love to hear about include the completion of projects/programs, reaching milestones and success stories. You can also share your experiences through the Your Stories project on the Working Together website



When we hear the word ‘change’ we often assume the worst – this is called ‘catastrophising’ . But, change can be a plus for management and for staff – and it can be well planning and implemented. Well managed change helps staff to cope with the process and focuses on their wellbeing at all stages.

Navigating change well in the workplace means:

  • Managing perceptions around change
  • Implementing well managed change that involves all members of staff
  • Building staff resilience to change
  • Sharing positive stories of change

Sometimes your organization will need help to navigate change:

Converge International is there for you. You will find more information in our animated videos ‘We can manage change!’ in our January 2017 Tip Sheet Navigating change in 2017; and on the Converge International website.

For help and advice on managing workplace change, call Converge International on 1300 OUR EAP (1300 687 327).


What Step Down news do you have to share?

We would love to hear about the great work happening across ADHC CO. Please send your good news stories and updates to


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