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ADHC Central Office Step Down

The ADHC Central Office (ADHC CO) Step Down Program includes all the activities required to finish up, handover, or archive ADHC CO’s responsibilities.

ADHC CO Step Down Program includes what we do with relationship, workforce, physical and electronic information and records as well as physical assets up to and after ADHC CO’s June 2018 closure. The objectives of the ADHC CO Step Down Program include:

  • supporting staff through the change aligning ADHC CO Step Down with NDIS Transition and Service Delivery Transfer requirements, and
  • preparing ADHC CO to close in line with NDIS transition by July 2018.
Change Management Plan

On 29 March 2017, the ADHC Deputy Secretary advised that the final Change Management Plan (CMP) for ADHC CO Step Down has been endorsed and released for implementation. Feedback from staff and the PSA has been incorporated into the final CMP.

The CMP applies to non-executive ADHC CO staff (Grade 11/12 and below) who are in scope for the NDIS Workforce Mobility Pathway. It aims to retain the valuable expertise of ADHC CO staff within the NSW public sector. The CMP sets out the proposed process for how and when ADHC CO staff will enter the mobility pathway. This process has been designed to balance staff choice and control and the opportunity for staff to find new roles in other parts of the NSW public sector.

The following information about the CMP is available:

 ADHC CO Step Down Program Overview

The ADHC CO Step Down Program is a very complex process. There is a detailed program plan that sets out the range of activities and projects that need to be done. It includes a range of work packages that will be completed progressively by June 2018 and reflects responsibilities across various areas in FACS.

The program is coordinated through Strategic Change and the Project Control Group includes representatives from each directorate – Stephen Lally from NDIS Implementation, Michelle Smith from Service Delivery Programs and Jacqueline Connolly from Service System and Program Reform.

The diagram below outlines the 11 projects and 41 work packages in the program.

Stepdown Chart

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