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Working Together is a comprehensive toolkit to provide ADHC staff with the information and support they need to implement major reforms.

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What is the Working Together website?

The website is the main method of communication with ADHC staff about the Working Together strategy. The products on the website have been developed and tailored by staff currently delivering services on the front-line; staff involved in designing and supporting the aged care and disability reforms; and staff from Strategic Human Resources.

How do I access the Working Together website?

It’s easy to access the Working Together website. ADHC staff just need to register, creating a username and a password. You don’t need to be logged into the FACS network – you can register and access the website from your personal smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Why do I need to register?

Not all ADHC staff have a work email address. Registration allows you to use a work or personal email.

Have ADHC staff contributed to the content on Working Together?

Yes. Contributions have come from staff FACS including ADHC, Districts, Corporate; via workshops held throughout 2014; direct input into the Working Together team; or questions to the Working Together inbox.

How does Working Together fit with the rest of ADHC and FACS workforce initiatives?

A forward plan is being established for 2015 to ensure all products on the Working Together website continue to align and complement the work across oneFACS for ADHC staff.

How often will the content be updated?

The website will be regularly updated as more information and resources are made available.

Are there resources for Aboriginal staff?

There is information on the website tailored specifically to support Aboriginal staff. There is also a dedicated Aboriginal Working Together inbox. Aboriginal staff can send their questions, ideas and suggestions to AboriginalWT@facs.nsw.gov.au and an Aboriginal staff member will answer your emails.

How can Home Care staff access this website?

The site has been designed specifically to be accessible to all staff, including Home Care staff. Staff can register and access the Working Together website from their personal smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, at home or in a FACS office.

How can ADHC staff have their say about Working Together?

Please email your ideas and suggestions to workingtogether@facs.nsw.gov.au inbox.

Coming In 2015

Further compatibility with mobile devices

More practical tools for staff and managers

Updated Questions & Answers, Fact Sheets and information for Home Care staff

Establishing interactive engagement channels e.g. Yammer

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