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Home Care Service of NSW transfer

The NSW Government is in the process of identifying a new operator to take on Home Care. Eligible organisations that were shortlisted have now been invited to participate in the final part of the transfer process.

All final proposals will need to be carefully evaluated to ensure the requirements of the Government, especially client service, can and will be met. This will allow the Government to identify the most suitable party to operate Home Care for the future. At this point in time, it is expected that a new operator will be selected in the coming months.

We will keep you updated when we know more information about who the new operator for Home Care will be.

For more information please download the Fact Sheet.

Heads of Agreement

The NSW Government has reached an agreement with United Voice (the union representing Care Workers) on the employee conditions that will apply as Home Care moves to a new non-government operator.

Care Workers including those in Aboriginal Home Care will soon receive a letter from Jim Longley, Deputy Secretary (ADHC) to let them know that that the Secretary, Michael Coutts-Trotter, has now signed the Heads of Agreement with United Voice.The Heads of Agreement is the document which outlines entitlements and arrangements for Care Workers moving to the non- government sector.

Letters should reach Care Workers at their home address soon and letters will also be sent to Home Care clients to update them on the transfer process.

If you would like to see copies of the letters that have been sent and the Heads of Agreement, you can click on the links below:

1. Letters sent to Care Workers

2. Letters sent to Aboriginal Home Care clients

3. Letters sent to Home Care clients

4. Heads of Agreement

If you have any questions please email or or speak with your Service Coordinator or Branch Manager.