Get the Facts

Government Employee Number

This fact sheet provides you with information about the Government Employee Number which will be given to all NSW Government employees.

Supporting disability & community care staff through change

This fact sheet provides answers to some frequently asked questions that will help you take charge and build your resilience - use this information to feel more equipped, so that you can deal with the challenges that may come your way.

What you need to know about OneFACS, ADHC & Working Together

This fact sheet provides information about OneFACS, ADHC and Working Together and explains the key functions of each area and where to find more information.

Home Care Update May 2015

This fact sheet provides an update on the Home Care Service of NSW transfer and answers some Frequently Asked Questions from Home Care and Aboriginal Home Care workers

Transfer Agreement for Home Care Workers

This fact sheet provides information about the Transfer Agreement for Home Care Workers and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions from Home Care and Aboriginal Home Care workers.

Why is the NDIS so important?

This fact sheet explains System reforms, Joint investment, and how the NDIS will provide people with disability full choice and control over all aspects of their support. It also includes important dates for NDIS in NSW.

ADHC staff opportunities under the NDIS

This is a time of unparalleled opportunity in the disability sector where we are all developing new ways of working to support people with disability to achieve greater choice and control under the NDIS. This fact sheet explains what the NSW Government wants to achieve in order to ensure a smooth transition for ADHC staff.

What are the benefits of the NDIS?

This fact sheet outlines the Economic, Social and Community benefits of the NDIS.

Supporting people with complex needs

Each person with multiple and complex needs has unique concerns that need an individualised response so they achieve stability in health, housing, social connection and safety and be linked into comprehensive, ongoing support. This fact sheet explains how ADHC Staff and the The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) are, or will be, working together.

Supporting people with disability to make choices

NSW is committed to ensuring people with disability have choice and control over the supports they need to meet their needs and goals. This fact sheet explains how the NDIS will ensure that people with disability can access the supports they may need to make decisions.

We don’t know everything yet…

The NSW journey to the NDIS officially commenced in December 2012 when the NSW and Commonwealth Governments signed the Heads of Agreement to establish the full scheme in NSW by July 2018.  The purpose of this fact sheet is to set out what we do know and what we don’t know yet.

Glossary of key NDIS terms

A glossary of commonly used terms and definitions to help ADHC staff understand the language of the NDIS.


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