Stage 2 of the transfer of A&R services (Group A) to the non-government sector

The Executive Director, Service Delivery Programs provided an update on 19 May 2017 regarding the transfer of specialist disability services for Accommodation and Respite (A&R) services. Please see email update below for further information. 


Dear Colleagues

Today’s update is about the transfer of specialist disability services for A&R services for the five service groups in the Central Coast, Nepean Blue Mountains, South Eastern Sydney, Northern Sydney (A and B) which includes some group homes from the Metro Residences Redevelopment program in these districts as well as Specialist Supported Living services in Norton Road.

Together, these areas make up Stage 2 of the transfer of A&R services to the non-government sector.

We are now talking to interested service providers for these service groups.  We need to be confident that service providers can deliver services in line with the key principles that people told us were most important to them in selecting a suitable service provider.

We will hold family forums later this year for people to meet shortlisted service providers.  Residents, families or guardians are being contacted to register their interest in attending a forum and we will send details to those who register once the forums have been finalised.  If you receive enquiries from the people you support, please refer them to the 1800 379 284 number.

If you are unsure if this information affects you, please speak to your manager. You are also encouraged to ask your managers any questions or you can email Working Together and Aboriginal staff can email Aboriginal Working Together. Updates and information will be available on the Working Together website.


Anne Campbell
Executive Director
Service Delivery Programs



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