Aboriginal Home Care Update


The process for transferring the Home Care Service of NSW as a whole, including Aboriginal Home Care, to Australian Unity is now under way.

This update is part of our promise to keep you informed about the transfer.

There are no changes expected to the supports Aboriginal Home Care clients receive. This is for information only and clients do not need to do anything right now.

When will Aboriginal Home Care transfer?

The NSW Government is working with Australian Unity to transfer Home Care, including Aboriginal Home Care (AHC) by early 2016. AHC will transfer at the same time as the rest of Home Care. It is planned for the transfer to include AHC clients, staff and all its funding.

Has the operator been selected?

Yes, the new operator is Australian Unity.

What about ensuring the new operator’s cultural competence?

For many Aboriginal people across NSW, AHC has been their culturally appropriate service provider of first choice.

The Government knows it is very important to make sure this service for Aboriginal clients continues after the transfer to the new operator.

Australian Unity is experienced in delivering high quality services to a wide variety of clients, CALD and Aboriginal, older people and people with disability.

What will happen to Aboriginal Home Care staff?

All Home Care workers, including AHC workers are expected to transfer to the new operator to ensure, as much as possible, that there is no change to the supports AHC clients receive.

Staff who transfer to the new operator will be supported by:

  • Having certainty about their employment conditions after transfer
  • Receiving regular communications about what is happening with the transfer process
  • Being given as much notice as possible
  • Transferring with up-to-date Certificates of Service confirmed by each officer themselves
  • Transferring detailed employment records to the new operator

What will happen to Aboriginal Home Care clients?

Home Care funding agreements will transfer to the Australian Unity. Once the transfer is completed, Home Care will no longer be operated by the government.

The transfer will only take place once the government is certain there will be minimal disruption for all Home Care clients.

More information

Contact your local Aboriginal Home Care branch and talk with the Service Coordinator or Branch Manager.

You can also phone the client hotline on
1800 003 227 and ask to speak to an Aboriginal officer.


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