Aboriginal WT

FACS acknowledges and honours Aboriginal people as the first people of NSW and for their unique and lasting contribution to its identity.

Aboriginal Working Together aims to provide targeted and culturally appropriate supports for Aboriginal staff who are affected by the changes that are happening in the NSW disability sector as the state transitions to the NDIS.


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Mobility and Aboriginal staff

INS has partnered with Murumal to ensure all the CPOs have strong cultural awareness when working with and supporting FACS Aboriginal staff.

Check out the Murumal website for more information

Aboriginal Career Transition Program

The Aboriginal Career Transition Program (ACTP) was a project run in collaboration with Dr Chris Sarra and Strong Smart Solutions.

The ACTP has finished now – you can read about what was achieved on the ACTP page.

Services Our Way  

Services Our Way (SOW) has an exciting future – the FACS Secretary, Michael Coutts-Trotter has decided that it will transfer, with the current SOW staff, to the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).

Aboriginal Housing Office Logo


This news came soon after Sorry Day and NAIDOC Week and demonstrates FACS’ commitment to better outcomes for Aboriginal people.

SOW is a packaged support program that assists Aboriginal people with disability and their carers including:

  • living and care arrangements
  • acquiring and coordinating appropriate support
  • providing for physical, emotional and cultural well being.

SOW will be located in the Strategic Policy and Program Design and Innovation team and will be developed to include the most vulnerable people. This is a strong affirmation of the strategic directions the AHO is setting, particularly in terms of `wrap-around’ supports and holistic approaches to helping our clients that encompass housing, employment, education, opportunity and culture.


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